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All-in-one IC Card Milling and Embedding Machine LDT-XFY-2500
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All-in-one IC Card Milling and Embedding Machine LDT-XFY-2500

  • LDT-XFY-2500
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1.This machine is automatically controlled by PC program and operated by large LCD. The slot milling size, module processing is convenient and adjustable, the machine is simple to operate.

2.Using multi-spindles servo system for slot milling , automatic feeding and sending module, and then sealing and testing are carried out.Parameters are adjustable,with fast conveying speed and high precision.

3.Integration the function of slot milling,glue laminating ,punching and module testing.To provide customers with"integration" solutions for the production of contact  smart card .

4.Servo motor and high precise ball-screw cooperated with independent three spindles(X,Y,Z) position control system and professional fixture design to ensure the precise position of the slot.

5.Using servo motor drive feeding,cooperated with high precise module punching. Photoelectric sensor automatically monitor and protects quality of module.

6.Personalization design, installed with many necessary sensor inspection equipment,with high automation.

Machine spec:

1.      Dimension:L2200×W900×H1600mm

2.      Weight:Around 700 KG  

3.      Power supply:AC 380V /50HZ

4.      Power: About 5 KW

5.      Compressed Air 6 kg /cm2

6.   Air consumption:150 L/min

7.      Control Mode:PLC + Servo system

7.      Slot Milling Precision: ± 0.01mm

8.      Chip Embedding precision: ±0.02mm

9.     Operator:1 person

10.   Output:2000~2500 pcs/h



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