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Card Sorting Machine Card Assistant Machine-LDT-GPX6-7000
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Card Sorting Machine Card Assistant Machine-LDT-GPX6-7000

Main Configurations:
2.Step system:Leadshi
3.Guide Screw:Hiwin
4.Return Sensor:Omron
7.DC Power:Mingwei
8.Fiber Sensor:Keyence
  • LDT-GPX6-7000
  • LDT

Main Configurations:

1. PLC:Mitsubishi

2. Step system:Leadshi

3. Guide Screw:Hiwin

4. Return Sensor:Omron

5. Cylinder:SMC

6. Valve:SMC

7. DC Power:Mingwei

8. Fiber Sensor:Keyence


1. It is widely applied to the sorting and ranking of smart card, Limitless optional configurations are certain to satisfy any card sorting requirements. Meanwhile, the position and information of missing cards can be recognized. The customers only need to provide the order of card number and box number information.

2. The equipment is suitable for the production processes that require sorting and ranking(Such as social security card, student card and other personalized IC card).

3. Six sets of collecting devices can realize handle up to 1500pcs cards in chaos at the same time.

4. PC control system ensures the machine running stable and coordination.

5. The display interface is very easy to operate.

6. Advanced OCR inspection technologies ensure the card sorting is correct and the card number is accurate and efficient. Invalid cards will be thrown directly to the waste card box.

7. Adopting servo motor with vacuum sucker structure to convey the card. Which guarantees the card entry in high speed and avoids scratches in card surface.

8. Equipped with several sets of sensor detections, ensure the accuracy and stability of the card’s entering.

9. Card collecting device driven by servo motor, high precision, running fast and saving space.

10. Card feeding device can automatically mark the position of missing card, the printer will print out the number, position and box number of the missing card . It is convenient for the operator to find out and fill up the missing card quickly.

Machine Spec:

1 Dimension:L4060×W1020×H1600 mm.

2 Weight:Around 1200 Kg.

3 Power Source: AC220V 50/60 Hz.

4 Power: Around 6.5KW.

5 Control Method:Windows XP.

6 Speed:5800~6500 Sheets/hour (Depends on the sheet size).

7 Single Box Maximum Sort Card Number: 250 sheets

8 Maximum Chaos Number :1500 sheets

9 Number of operations:1


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