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Hanjin heavy industry promotes the world's first shipbuilding marking robot
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Hanjin heavy industry promotes the world's first shipbuilding marking robot

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It is a key procedure for shipbuilding industry to process a rectangular steel plate into a special shape of "saddle shape" or "sail shape", so as to create a streamlined hull. For a long time, this program has been used by hand, which is low efficiency, difficult to control the accuracy, especially the technical level of workers, has become a bottleneck in the development of shipbuilding industry. How to introduce automation into this key program has become the research direction of every shipbuilding country in the world. Recently, Wuhan University of science and technology and Shandong Shuoli Machinery Co developed the "ship 3D numerical control bending machine". For the first time in the world, the "automation" was introduced into the whole hull plate processing link, which not only abandoned the traditional manual experience operation, but also increased the whole shipbuilding efficiency by more than ten times. At present, the technology has applied for Chinese invention patents and international patents, and new products have been put into use. It is understood that 42.43 million tons of shipbuilding and 188.17 million tons of orders were completed in 2009, accounting for nearly 40% of the world's share. Facing the development direction of "large scale, high performance and high added value" in the world shipbuilding industry, the domestic shipbuilding industry urgently needs the support of digital shipbuilding equipment. According to Wang Chengfang, one of the equipment developers and professor of Wuhan University of science and technology, one of the problems that must be solved to realize the automation of hull outer plate processing for all countries in the world is that the outer plate processing belongs to plastic deformation, and the bending process will produce rebound and wrinkle deformation, which is particularly difficult for automatic forming. According to Jiao Hetong, chairman of Shandong Shuoli Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the equipment first puts forward the forming method of "square indenter adjustable flexible mold plate curved surface forming device", which can automatically process the ship plate by using special calculation and control software; meanwhile, the system can automatically detect calculation and control in real time, with learning and intelligent functions; control panel graphic display , rich user interface, convenient and intuitive operation. "Ship 3D numerical control bending machine" is the first major automatic Shipbuilding Equipment in China, which has solved a problem in the world's shipbuilding industry in a revolutionary way. " Said Jiao Hetong.

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