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  • LDT-APHB-600
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1.The machine is specially designed for punching the positioning holes and contactless chip fixing holes on INLAY sheet at the same time.

2.The position precision of all the punched holes is accurate because all the holes are punched at the same time with High speed and high production efficiency

3.Used oil cylinder as punching power with large pressure, easy to maintain, better when punching different thickness material.The INLAY sheet can multiple stacking,which enhanced enhances the production efficiency greatly.

4 The simple structure of the machine, easy for operation and maintain, improve the life space of the machine, and ensure the production efficiency of the machine.

Machine spec:

1.Speed: 600 pcs/hour.

2.Dimension: L870×W550×H1500mm                

3.Weight: 500 KG      

4.Power supply: AC360V 50/60HZ

5.Operate: 1person

6.Material Specification:0.2~0.4mm PVC,PET...



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