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Personalized Card Sorting Machine LDT-GPX6 -7000
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Personalized Card Sorting Machine LDT-GPX6 -7000

  • LDT-GPX6 -7000
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This machine is used for sorting cards into exact order from chaotic cards or checking the serial cards order is OK or not. It can also record the missing cards info and its position. The machine applies vision system, magstripe encoder or chip reader to get the info from the cards. Then the data would compare with imported data in the software. It can make sure every card in exact order.

This machine can save human labor cost. It is very useful to check the serial order before packing the cards to buyers or before doing the perso. on the cards. It is applied for high standard sorting requests like ID cards, social insurance cards, student cards, IC cards.  


§ The whole system is controlled by PC and apply software in the PC, makes sure the machine stably and easily to operate.

§ High reliable: using vision system (or magstripe encoder, contact or contactless reader) and software to control the sorting, making sure every card orderly.

§ The unrecognized or no data cards would be rejected into the wasting box.

§ The missing cards are recorded in a list. It will be printed with details when job is done.

§ The marking card device can put mark card into the missing card. Which make sure the operator easily to find the missing cards and replace them with good cards.

§ Applying motor + sucker in the feeder to make sure no scratch when feeding.

§ Using output cartridges to store more cards and make the serial order more accurate. The output cartridges are driving by servo motor.  

§ The cartridge number is 6 which makes the machine can sort cards unstoppable by changing to each other. And this machine is compact design.




§ 6000 PCS/hour

Card Size

§ ISO/IEC 7810D-1

Card Material

§ PVC, ABS, PPET, RETG, etc.

Cartridge Capacity

§ 250 PCS / Cartridge, Process max 1500 PCS Card at one job.


§ 1200Kg

Power Supply

§ 6.5 KW, AC 220 V, 50/60 Hz

Compressed Air

§ 0.6 MPa

Dimension (mm)

§ 4060(L)×1020(W)×1600(H)

LDT-GPX6 -7000-1


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