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Card Punching and Sorting Machine


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Card Punching and Sorting Machine


1.The equipment add single card sorting and receiving function, on the basis of semi-automatic punching machine.It is specialized in punching and separating different pattern card. independent box for card separating and collecting.

2.High sensitive positioning sensor cooperate with imported high precise ball-screw feed the card, the parameter of each punching point is adjustable, high accuracy.

3.Used oil cylinder as punching power, low noise, high speed, stable power, punching speed is adjustable, effect better when punching different thickness material.

4.Advanced card collecting system, realized card separating and collecting. specialized in punching and separating different pattern cards.

5. Correction system control automatically, abnormal automatic shutdown and alarm.

Machine Spec:

1. Output: 15000-20000 pcs/hour (decide by the punching head)

2.Applicable Sheet Layout:  3×8, 4×8, 5×5, etc.  

3.Applicable Material: PVC, ABS, PET,PETG and paper, etc.  

4.Weight: around850 Kg

5. Power Supply: AC380V 50HZ  

6. General Power: 4KW

7. Punch Precision: ±0.1mm

8 Control Mode: PLC + Servo system

9. Dimension:L 3420×W850×H1520mm

10.Operator:1 person

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