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Clamping Fixtures for Durability Test

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Clamping Fixtures for Durability Test

A set of two fixtures recommended for holding a card body in a stressed position during durability testing within a climate chamber. One fixture is designed to hold a card stressed at its horizontal axis (15+/-1mm), while the other holds a card with the stress on the vertical axis (30+/-1mm).
Crafted from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum/steel alloy bar stock and electrostatically coated for adurable long-lasting finish. Fitting and test weight are made of stainless steel.

 How to use:

1. Hold a card in this test respectively. One in horizontal position, the other one in vertical  position.

2. Put the card in climate chamber. After few hours according to test requirement, check  deformation. 

 Calibration  T

his tester is no need for calibration, make sure the tester is clean before testing.  



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