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P-17 Abrasion Tester(New)

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Product details

P-17 Abrasion Tester(New)

The P-17 abrasion tester is a multifunction tester that designed according to CQM (card quality
management) requirement to perform abrasion test for card indent printing, including card surface soft eraser rub test and sand paper rub test. On top of tester head, 10-15N weight the test force meets test requirement. After card is tested by 30-50 cycles, check the card feature such as letters and digits to see if still legible.

 How to use: 

1. Power on the tester, put a card into the tester and fasten the card on card holder, close tester  cover, choose sand paper tester or soft eraser test in touch screen, input test cycles, press start  button. After test cycles complete, the tester will stop automatically. 

 Calibration 

In case of calibration is needed. This tester is only need to check weight. Use scale to check  the weight to see if it is 5 ± 0.5N and 10± 0.5N (total weight should include tester head).  



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