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Manual IC Module Punching Machine

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Product details

Model: LDT-MMC-300


1. The machine is designed for manual cutting the single IC chips from the various IC Module tape after the hot melt glue is pressed to the IC module bottom side.

2.The simple structure of the machine, easy to operate and maintain, improve the life space of the machine, and ensure the production efficiency of the machine.

3.The machine runs stable and safe safely ,the whole process can be handle only by one people.

4.The temperature, time and pressure of the hot melt glue are adjustable.

5. Equipped with finishes finished product collection device, easy for operation and adjustment.

Machine Spec:

6.Power supply: AC220V 50/60HZ4

7.Weight: About30 KG

8.Dimension: L1000×W450×H550mm

2. Material model: various contact and contactless chip

3.Compressed air: 6 kg/cm2

4.Operator:1 Person


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