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Auto Glue Tape lamination Machine

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Product details

Model:  LDT-BJ-1000


1.Glue tape lamination machine,automatic punching and cutting hot melt adhesive tape,to carry on the glue on the different models of the chip.

2.Adopting PLC program automatic control, large operation interface, running stable and the parameter is adjustable.The machine is simple to operation and convenient to maintenance.

3.Module stepping controlled by servo system to keep the pulling distance be adjusted by parameter directly. The exact photoelectric sensor monitoring makes the module in double protection.

4.Incorporating the functions of IC module stripe and hot melt glue convey, rush glue, hot welding glue laminating and finished module stripe collecting.

5.Professional design, can realize the changing of 6 pin and 8 pin IC module glue tape lamination flexibility, without changing the mold.The selection can be achieved at the operation interface, without the need to adjust the machine.

Machine Spec:

1. Dimension: L1700 × W520 × H1650 mm

2. Weight:Around 300 KG  

3. Power supply:AC220V  50/60HZ

4. Power Rating: About 1.5 KW

5.Control Mode:PLC + Touch screen

6. Speed:11000~15000 chips/h


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