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Auto Antenna Embedding Machine

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1. The machine is mainly used for embedding the antenna on the Inlay sheet automatically.

2. PC control method with wide LCD ,which ensures stable and coordinated operation of the machine.

3. The routine of the antenna is prefinished in professional PC drawing software, and then the machine will perform antenna embedding according to the programmed routine through biaxial servo system.

4. Advance ultrasonic antenna embedding technology ensures the stable working of the machine, the whole operation is automatic.


1.Vacuum aspirating platform is used to absorb material for antenna embedding process, effectively ensure the accurate and smooth of the antenna embedding.

2.Adopt PC program control, dedicated PC drawing processing software to program the antenna embedding path.When different layouts and shapes of antennas embedding process is needed,Just use the software to draw the required antenna geometry and convert them to add paths.The whole operation is simple, intuitive and convenient.

3.Two sets of vacuum working platen are adopted, without need to stop the machine when the material is in the changeover.

Each embedded group can work alone or together, with good flexibility and easy to choose.

4.The special working platen design is available to ensure that various sheet layout (3×8, 4×8, 5×5) can be embedded in the same machine.

5.Designed for various antenna layer with different layouts .

Machine Spec:

1.Power Source: AC220V 50/60 Hz.

2.Power: Around 3KW.

3.Compress Air:6 kg/cm2

4.Weight:Around 800 Kg.

5.Speed: 400 antenna/hour

6.Dimension:L1780*W11400*H1600 mm.

7.Control Method: Servo located + PLC control

8.Operator:1 person

9.Materials Specification: 0.2~0.4mm (PVC,ABS,PET,PETG)


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