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RFID Automatic Flip Chip System

Presentation: One new multifunction handy counter for colorful cards and transparent card Advantage: All aluminum alloy design: wearable and shock proof design, Accurate Counting, Easy operation Application: Card Manufacturer, Card Issuer, Card Personalization center etc
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XJL-TTA20000 is the first domestically developed and innovative single-channel RFID production equipment. It has a number of invention patents and utility model patents which uses a high-precision visual motion system to accurately identify RFID chips and flexible antennas, positioning and high-speed precision actuators to achieve precise binding of microchips and antennas.

With the throughput in almost 99.5% yield, all of our processes are in one system platform which includes antenna web handling, epoxy jetting, flip chip, final curing, and testing. Available for all types of HF / UHF RFID Inlay

•   Loading Module
•   Dispensing Module
•   Flip Chip Module

•   Visual Module

•   Wafer Module

•   Buffer Module

•   Heating Curing Module

•   HF/UHF Testing Module

•   Slitting Module

•   Unloading Module

•   Chip Backing Paper Module






• 6100mm*1200mm*1800mm

Power Supply

• 12KW AC 220V/50HZ/30mA


• 3000KG

Bonding Speed

• 16000 UPH (Related to antenna layout)

Bonding Accuracy

• ±40μm

Wafer Dimensions

• 8", 12"

Chip Specification

• 0.3*0.3 – 1.0*1.0

Chip Thickness

• ≥100μm

Wafer Expansion

• Φ240mm/Φ330m

ACP Glue Process Mode

• Glue Spray

Glue Dispense Accuracy

• ±40μm

Dispensing Volume Control

• ±10%

Compressed Air

• 0.4Mpa~0.6Mpa

Vacuum Pressure

• -80Kpa~-100Kpa

Material Bandwidth

• 30mm—150mm

Bound Point Spacing

• CD>16mm

Antenna Material Type

• PET, PP, Paper

Hot Pressure Section

• 50g-400g

Paper Thickness

• 80g-180g

Hot Pressure Temperature

• 0°- 250°

Pressure Control Section

• ±0.1N

Hot Pressure Curving Quantity

• 56 group curving unit

Temperature Control Accuracy

• ±5°

On-line Detection Type

• UHF & HF

Reject Mark Way

• Ink dot mark


• Yes

ID of Roll

• 76mm

OD of Roll

• ≤400

Maximum Heating Power

• 7KW



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