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P-22 Three-Wheel Tester

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Product details

P-22 Three-Wheel Tester

This tester is to perform three-wheel-test as per CQM requirement. A card is positioned in the tester such that the rollers will cycle 100 times over front (50) and then back(50)of IC with a cycle frequency of 0.5HZ and a downward force of 8N. After the test, IC should be intact and functional. Additional weight 15N is included.

 How to use: 

1. Put a card into the tester and fasten the card, make sure the IC is under tester head. 

2. Power on the tester and set test number on counter, start test. 

 Calibration 

In case of calibration is needed. This tester is only need to check weight. Use scale to check  the weight to see if it is 8 ± 0.5N and 15± 0.5N (total weight should include tester head).  



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