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Cantilever Fixture

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Cantilever Fixture

This fixture holds 3 cards in a cantilevered position during high temperature storage in an oven. Card placement is a snap with a large tensioning knob. Includes sliding steel ruler for measuringdeformation. This device also be used in place of the P-07 Bending Stiffness Gauge.
Crafted from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum/steel alloy bar stock and electrostatically coated for a durable long-lasting finish. Fitting and test weight are made of stainless steel.

 How to use: 

1. Hold three cards in a cantilevered position as showed in tester picture.

2. Put the tester into an oven. According to test requirement, after few hours heated in oven,  take out and use the ruler of the tester to check card deformation.  

 Calibration 

This tester does not need calibration, make sure the ruler is firmly fastened on the tester.  



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