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Bending Stiffness Tester

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Product details

Bending Stiffness Tester

This fixture is designed to hold a test card in a cantilevered position. Card placement is a snap with a large tensioning knob. Once clamped in the test position, a stainless steel weightcalibrated to apply a force of 0.7N – is applied on the opposite edge of the card body. The resulting deformation is measured using the integrated ruler.
Crafted from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum/steel alloy bar stock and electrostatically coated for a durable long-lasting finish. Fitting and test weight are made of stainless steel.

 How to use: 

1. Clamp card into the gap as showed in tester picture. 

2. Check the reading of ruler to get test result.

 Calibration 

In case of calibration is needed. This tester is need to check weight. Use scale to check the  weight to see if it is 0.7N.


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