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Dynamic Bending Tester/Dynamic Torsion Tester

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Product details

Dynamic Bending Tester/Dynamic Torsion Tester

P-13 is to do bending test only, and P-14 is to do torsion test only, all of them are designed according to ISO10373-1 and CQM. Card body shall not present any cracks on its surface and IC shall remain functional after 2000 bending cycles and 1000 torsion cycles. P-13 is for bending
only, able to bending 5 card in length side, 5 card at width side. P-14 is for torsion test only, able to test 5 cards at a time.

 How to use: 

Put card into tester slots, power on the tester and set bending and torsion number on counter,  press start to test.

 Calibration 

In case of calibration is needed. This test needs to check height of bending (long side should be  20mm, short side should be 10mm), check the torsion angle (torsion angle should be 15 degree). 

 Specification  



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