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Auto Sheet Shearing Machine

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Auto Sheet Shearing Machine LDT-CQ-600

Ø Realize the Inlay sheet right-angle side shearing.

Ø Auto feeding, auto calibration, auto shearing, auto collecting.

Ø Applying 2 sets of cameras to realize high accurate and effective position recognition for the inlay.

Ø PLC+ HMI control system to realize stable and easy operation.


This machine is used for the inlay right-angle edge cutting.  Full auto, apply the vision system to make the location. 3 axis servo systems do correction to make the shearing.  The machine is accurate, high speed to get high yield. This machine can be customized for other cutting functions.  



1. The machine is controlled by PLC and HMI. Which make the machine easy to operation and adjust the parameters.

2. The machine apply 2 sets of cameras to realize the high accurate inlay position recognition, the accuracy is 0.03mm.

3. 3 axis servo systems do correction to make the shearing automatically. The servo system is accurate and stable.

4. The punching die is made by CNC machine to make sure the die with high accuracy and right-angel.

5. The machine is auto feeding, auto collecting. The height of feeding and collecting area is 280mm. Which realize the whole machine run automatically.



Weight:650 Kg

Power Source:AC220V  50/60 Hz                 

Power:Around 2KW

Air pressure:6kgf/cm2                              

Control Method:PLC+HMI          

Position: Vision System                         

Speed: 600~~800 sheets/hour                

Layout:3*8、4*8、5*5、7*8(and so on)       

Cutting accuracy:Around 0.2mm

Operator: 1 Person


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