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AUTO Bonding Machine

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1. The full auto bonding machine is used to weld the antenna and modules of the card.

2. This machine is automatically controlled by PLC program and operated by wide and friendly interface, rationalization and hommization, easy to operate and maintain.

3. PLC program works with dual-axis positioning  system adjust the X,Y direction of the working platen, and automatic welding is carried out according to the preset path.

4. The parameters of each welding position can be adjusted independently, convenient and directly.

5. With the double pulse current inverter welding technology, the machine runs steady and quickly, ,at the same time ensure the high quality of the products.

7. Installed with 5 welding head,and 1to5 welding heads can work at the same time or respectively. With great flexibility and high efficiency production.  

8.  Suitable for 3X8、4X8、5X5 layout sheet.

Machine Spec:

1. Dimension: L1300*W1100*H1600mm

2. Weight: About 600kg

3. Electric: AC 220V/50HZ

4. Power: About 5.5KW

5. Compress Air: 6 kg/cm2

6. Life Space of the Welding Head:  20,000~60,000 welding points

7. Control Method: Servo System + PLC

8. Material Spec: The finished module placing and wire embedding (PVC,ABS,PET-G)

9. Operator: 1 person

10. Output:About 1000~1500pcs/h(single head)

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