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IC Card Personalization Machine

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IC Card Personalization Machine LDT-FK-5000

This machine is used for writing personalized data into contact/contactless IC cards. It has 32 contact stations and 12 contactless stations. It is widely applied for smart cards areas, like banking cards, social insurance cards, resident cards, dual interface cards etc.


§ The machine is controlled by PC + PLC, makes sure the machine stably and easy to use.

§ High reliable: using vision system and software to control the accuracy.

§ Applying high sensitive sensors to the machine, make sure the machine run stable and accurate.

§ Smart card multifunctional API port and communication port apply in the machine. They can be

defined by user to apply new smart card functions by secondary development.

§ Tailor-made is acceptable. Each function is a unique modular. Easy to add or remove functions.

§ IC cards data checking is optional.



§ 4000 to 5000 PCS/h (Depends on the data)

Operating System

§ Win 7


§ 700 Kg

Power Supply

§ 6.5 KW, AC 220 V, 50/60 Hz      

Dimension (mm)

§ 2250(L)×920(W)×1700(H)


§ 1 person


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