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High Speed Smart Card Personalization Machine

Presentation:To make encoding, detection and laser engraving for SIM card Advantage:High speed, high accuracy and stability. Outstanding market share Application:SIM/GSM Card manufacturer
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LDT-T4765 personalization machine is undoubtedly the best choice of global smart card manufacturers by virtue of its excellent stability, strong expansibility and high speed laser-marking technology. Unique patented laser marking technology realizes non-stop laser marking so as to improve efficiency to the maximum extent. Max. throughput of PTA-8500A is up to 6000cph. Automatic card loading/unloading, card contact/contactless encoding,double-sided laser engraving and card re-perso online  functions are integrated to realize sequential card output without human intervention.

•  Input/Output Module
Two removable magazines for each module can be switched automatically and the maximum capacity is up to 500pcs for each magazine.

•  Contact IC Perso Module

Equipped with 32 contact IC perso stations for standard, which can be extended to 64 stations to encode ISO card, 2in1 card and 4in1 card.

•  Flipper Module
3 sets, 2 of them are used for card double sides marking and another for card output orientation selection.

•  Laser Marking Module
Equipped with 2 sets of 50W fiber lasers and combined with PIOTEC's unique patented technology for high speed laser marking, card is automatically positioned and laser engraves non-stop so as to realize real double laser engraving.

•  Contactless IC Perso Module(Optional):
Equipped with 16 contactless IC Perso stations and PIOTEC's industrial-class contactless reader.
•  OCR Checking Module(Optional):
Equipped with 1 OCR checking module for standard to read and verify the information of card surface.

•  The Highest Speed of Laser Marking in The World

It adopts global unique patented laser marking technology. The throughput is up to 6000cph when one laser is equipped with marking time not more than 0.6s for one side or two lasers are equipped with marking time not more than 1.2s for one side.

•  High Speed and Stable IC Personalization
32 encoding stations are equipped as standard configuration, which can be extended to 64 stations to meet the demand of big data size of chip production; Static perso stations and readers stay static during electrical perso process to ensure stable data transmission and encoding.

•  High-performance Reader
It is equipped with the top industrial-class reader developed by PIOTEC, which can test open/short circuit with stability and high cost-effective.

•  High Data Security
Special double authentications are necessary for sensitive and crucial operation; Customers can carry out secondary development for data analysis and processing by reader SDK.

IC Encodng Throughout Table (Unit:pcs/h)

High Speed Laser Marking Throughput Table (Unit:pcs/h)

Remark: The above throughout is achieved with 2 lasers equipped.



• 3600mm×910mm×1900mm


• 800kg

Power Supply

• 220V (-5%~+10%), 50Hz, 6KW


• < 65 dB

Operation Temperature

• 23℃±3℃

Operation Humidity

• 50±10%

Compressed Air

• Pressure: 0.5MPa Flow: 400L/min

Communication Interface

• Ethernet

Maximum Throughput

• 6000 cph

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