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RFID Label Antenna Laser Proofing Machine

Presentation:Easy operation machine for laser proofing of antenna Advantage:Durable, Max. market share in China local brands Application:RFID inlay, label manufacturer
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Product details


This machine is available for the laser proofing of copper / aluminum antenna in RFID market.

•   Working by advanced fiber laser device with high speed scanning galvanometer system
Fiber laser device is build in opto-isolator

The transfer efficiency for light produced by electricity may reach up to 30%

By use of air cooling system, this device is in small volume and good quality in output beam

•   High repetition frequency makes stable output power

•   High reliability helps for the super long life span

•   Laser available for metal (rare metals) and part of nonmetal like nylon, plastic, ABS, PVC, etc.

•   Available for UHF labels proof making

•   Equipped with smoke purification system which can clean the dust in laser proofing process



• 20W Fiber Laser

Optical Maser Wavelength

• 1,064nm

Laser Range

• 120*120mm

Min. Laser Width

• 0.01mm

Max. Laser Proofing Speed

• 7,000mm/s

Best Resolution Ratio

• 0.001mm

Repeated Positioning Accuracy

• 0.003mm

Main power

• 1KW AC220V 50Hz


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