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RFID Label Detecting & Encoding Machine

Presentation: Flexible,Fast and Accuracy Detecting and Encoding Solution. Advantage: Highest Level of Customization,Highest Application Flexibility and Support HF and UHF labels and tags. Application: For Smart Labels in HF and UHF detecting and encoding.
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Product details

This product recommended by RSID provides a solution for the detecting and reading and encoding of reel-to-reel RFID label. In the meantime, it is also suitable for the quality detection in the production of inlay.

•   This equipment is suitable for reel-to-reel RFID label detecting and encoding

•   With a high-speed servo drive system, RFD label to achieve rapid feeding and recycling

•   With tensioning roller structure

•   Optional with Double station RFID encoding and detection to ensure accuracy

•   Optional barcode scanner to realize the encoding printing with EPC data accordingly

•   Optional ink jet printing mark on product 

•   Optional barcode printing equipment to realize the one-time completion of printing, scanning, encoding and detecting

•   Provide API interface control code (Optional)

•   Reader Quantity: UHF, HF (Optional)

•   PC: One set industry PC included.


Total Power Consumption

• 1000w

Electricity Power Supply

• AC220V/50Hz

Control Mode

• PC + Servo system

Detecting Speed

• Max.600pcs/Min

Encoding Speed

• Max.360pcs/Min

Laminate accuracy

• ±0.5mm

Label Width

• 20mm~130mm

Label Inner Diameter

• Ø76mm

Label Outer Diameter

• Ø400mm

Machine Total Weight

• 200Kg

Machine Dimension

• 1500mm(L)×800mm(W)×1500mm(H)


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