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Thickness Gauge

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Product details

Thickness Gauge

A quick and accurate way to measure card body thickness according to CQM test requirements. This fixture is designed with a digital indicator gauge with a low force probe, integrated into a fixture that conveniently holds a card body in place during the measurement of thickness.   The Fixture is milled from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum/steel alloy bar stock. Wear-resistant electrostatic coating for handsome long-lasting finish.

 Function:

1. Different measurement unit is available.  

 How to use

1. Clean the gauge probe/head and pin before using. 

2. Push ON/OFF button to turn on power, check the reading to see if it is normal. 

3. Use probe/head to touch the test object to make it shrink in around 0.15mm, push Zero  button and test the test object to get readying. 

4. If need to change unit, push mm/in button.

 Battery installation 

Pull battery cover and replace with new battery, put battery cover back.(Positive side of cell  should be at upside).

 Caution

1. Movement speed of this gauge should not exceed 0.5m/s when using. 

2. This gauge is a precision device, to keep its accuracy, please do not impact or drop to  ground. 

3. Please keep clean, avoid water or other liquid goes inside. 

4. If do not use data connection port, do not remove its cover, do not use any metal parts to  touch the port, this will prevent electrical damage. 

5. To prevent electrical damage, please do not add voltage to any part of this gauge, and do not  write any words on the surface.  6. If going to store the gauge or not in use for long time, please take out the battery/Cell.

 Calibration 

In case need to do calibration, please clean tester first, use the calibration block  ( 85.595mmx53.975mm) to check if the digital gauge, procedure is same as card testing,  tolerance is ≤±0.2mm.  


Model No.:P-03





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