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Corner Stencil

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Corner Stencil

The P-05 Corner Stencil is an innovative solution for meeting the CQM test requirement for measurement of corner radius, but it will quickly become your go-to tool for quickly checking the position of graphical and functional elements such as holograms, signature panels, magstripes,
and logos. Perfect for process checks and setups in hot-stamping and punching. Supplied with a template for corner radius measurement-but designed to accept additional templates-ordered from us-or made in your own pre-press!

 How to use

1. According to test purpose, prepare the correct film with position reference. 

2. Align the film with base plate just like showed in tester picture. 

3. Put card body at backside of base plate and match the card with the edge of film. 

4. Compare the position of card elements with film. If position match with film, pass, if not, fail.  


Normally this tester does not need calibration. Make sure the surface of the tester is clean.  Make sure the film used to test is fixed on base plate firmly.


Model No.:P-05





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