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Special Shape Card Punching Machine

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1.Special shape card punching machine is controlled by PLC and operated with touch screen ,specially designed for punching standard plastic cards into special shape.

2.High precise ball-screw cooperate with servo motor feed the card, instead of the traditional manual feeding.The parameter of each punching point is adjustable, safe , stable and high accuracy.

3.Used oil cylinder as punching power, stable power, the punching pressure,speed and height is adjustable.

4.Applying block and cursor sensor double positioning mode, positioning is convenient and optional.

5Double advanced servo driven system makes the sheet feeding precisely ,easy and convenient.

6.Can changing change different punching and stamping mold in a speedy and precise  precised way.

Machine Spec:


2.Weight:About 400 kg

3.Power supply:AC380V 50HZ


5.Control Method:Servo system + PLC control

6.Accuracy: ±0.1mm

7.Operator:1 person

8.Output:300~800 pcs/h

9.Materials:PVC,ABS,PET,PETG, Paper card


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