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P-24 ICC Backside Spot Pressure Tester

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Product details

P-24 ICC Backside Spot Pressure Tester

P-24(left side) is designed according to CQM to perform backside spot pressure test, by the test, we will know the adhesive stickness strength between module and card body. It works with MPT-01(right side). The force is applied directly to the reverse center side of module through an
opening prepared by MPT-01 in the card body.

 How to use:

1. Insert card into MPT-01 to fix card in position and drill an opening at backside of the card to  expose module. 

2. Put the card on P-24 and put down tester head, the descent of tester head shall happen at a  speed < 30mm/min. check the force gauge, rupture of the module-or detachment shall not  happen at a force <30N. 

 Calibration 

This test does not need calibration. Make sure the tester is clean.  


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